Tuesday 2 January 2018

5 Enticing Good Morning greetings for daily Happy Life

Greetings category : Daily Greetings 

Time of the Greetings :  AM (Morning) 

Language of image Content : English 

Image Text content : Good Morning 

Applicability : Only in AM Time 

Time zones : Matches for all Time zones at AM

Good morning greetings on  blue sky green gross background

White good morning text located center of saffron background.greetings.live label placed below white text

White Good morning text at center of blackish Blue,font of good text height is taller than morning text, Greetings Live labeled right hand side middle edge of image very  small size.

Good morning text in light purple over Rectangular yellow background located from left hand side edge middle,over all image back ground is lavender small trees, Greetings.live labels at right hand side bottom corner of image.

Good morning text in magenta colour over white Rectangular box touches both edges of image from left to right, over all image background is magenta colour.

5 Enticing Good Morning greetings for daily Happy Life

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