Saturday 13 January 2018

Haridasu Story Sankranti Special HD Images

Characteristics of Haridasu 

He appears like Naradamuni as in Purans in that apparel.

Haridasu appears like Naradamuni with Tambura and Akshay Patra on Head

Haridasus dress in a very unique approach with a big bowl on his head known as akshaya patra and holding musical instrument known as Tambura wearing a dhoti.

Haridasu goes from house to house and ask for bhiksha.

Haridasu says 
"Krishnarpanam" when he receives offerings from people. Usually Haridasus take up diksha which lasts one month from Dhanurmaasam to Bhogi. This tradition is called Bhakti Sampradayam.

About Sankranti Haridasu 

Haridasu going round villages singing devotional songs is an age-old tradition during Dhanurmaasam preceding Sankranti festival in Andhra. Andhra people believe Haridasu's melodious rendition of Sundarakanda or Bhagavatam on Sankranti brings new auspicious beginning in their lives.

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