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Speciality of Sankranti Festival in English Language

Sankranthi is called as festival of harvest or Farmers Festival. South Indian Highlight festival is Makara Sankranti.

Telugu Sankranti Greetings image with ponga Sunl pots,banana leaf,new crop of sugar cane rice and Bull

This season farmers house will be full of harvest.

Happiness at villages.

This is also lady's favarate festival .. they will create sankranti muggulu. Sankranti art works in front of house...

Lady's are full busy during this festival.. house full of relatives..cleaning house decorating and preparation of sweets... Shopping Cloths..

Telugu Greetings on pongal pot Makara sankranti wishes

Makara Sankranti festival are going to be celebrated in 3Days from thirteen th Gregorian calendar month.
1st day of festival is Bhogi festival.

2nd day of festival is main festival Makara Sankranti festival.

3rd Day of festival is Kanuma festival.

Happy bhogI festival image with bhogi fire

Bhogi festival are going to be celebrated with fire camp at early morning of thirteen th Gregorian calendar month. For children's Bhogi Pallu pageant. Preparation of bommala Koluvu (Bommarillu)

Over flowing pongal pots Sankranti festival Wishes in Telugu

 Sankranthi Festival : carrying New Cloths, creating sweet Pongal with recently harvested recent crop of Rice Rock Sugar or Sugar and Milk. prayer of Petru Devathalu..Ancestors of family.( petru Deavathalu suggests that Elder members of the family who already passed on to the great beyond treated as gods)

Pongal greetings Telugu

Kanuma is festival of Animals, Animals supported for agriculture. In past days bulls used for agriculture activities. To convey Gratitude's to those animals Kanuma pageant are going to be celebrated. During kanuma cleansing animals and decorating superbly could be a custom.

Pongal greetings with Bull and pongal pots

Following info sourced from wikipedia

Makar Sankranti (also known as Makara Sankranthi or Maghi) refers both to a specific solar day in the Hindu calendar and a Hindu festival in reference to deity Surya (sun) that is observed in January every year. It marks the first day of sun's transit into the Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter solstice and the start of longer days.

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